Malaysia’s Safeguards Interpretation

The Cancun Safeguards aim to reduce the risks of REDD Plus while promoting its benefits, and constitute seven broad principles, covering social, environmental and governance-related aspects. The potential risks of REDD Plus can include negative impacts on the livelihoods of forest-based communities, on the biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by natural forests, and on the governance and transparency of the forest sector, among others, while potential benefits can include improved provision of forest goods and services, strengthened participation by local communities and other stakeholders, and support for biodiversity conservation – addressing and respecting the safeguards helps to ensure that REDD Plus activities are designed and implemented in ways that reduce the potential risks and enhance the potential benefits. The Cancun Safeguards have been interpreted in the national context, setting out the relevant definitions and criteria for addressing and respecting the safeguards in Malaysia.

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