What is the Safeguards Information System (SIS)?

During the 17th meeting of the COP in Durban, South Africa, Parties to the UNFCCC decided (as per Decision 12/CP.17) that countries participating in REDD Plus should establish a Safeguards Information System (SIS) to demonstrate how the seven Cancun Safeguards are addressed and respected throughout the implementation of  REDD Plus in participating countries. The SIS should:

  1. Be consistent with the guidance identified in Decision 1/CP.16, appendix I, paragraph 1.
  2. Provide transparent and consistent information that is accessible by all relevant stakeholders and updated on a regular basis.
  3. Be transparent and flexible to allow for improvements over time.
  4. Provide information on how all the safeguards referred to in appendix I to Decision 1/CP.16 are being addressed and respected.
  5. Be country-driven and implemented at the national level.
  6. Build upon existing systems, as appropriate.

The COP also decided that Parties are to periodically submit a summary of information (SOI) to the UNFCCC, which should form part of a country’s National Communications.